Batch of 1984

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USTEHS batch of 1984, friends, and family welcome to UST EHS Class of 1984 website. We thank God for our unique heritage and place in UST history. This site has been developed to commemorate the wonderful times we spent during our high school years as UST EHSian and the camaraderie that was established then and still exists today.

We thank God for blessing us to be part of this great class of UST EHS and we encourage all to join us in keeping this spirit alive.

Batch of 1984

The significance of our special bond and fellowship is indicative of the contact we maintain with each other and the extensive participation in the many activities we actively conduct to date. We have come to the realization that tomorrow is promised to no one and when time passes the moment is gone. Many of us now have children; many have ventured near and far, and some might be gone now, but will not be forgotten. 


Summary of our four-year stay in this institution of learning, the totem of our entire EHS alumni

Fourth Year Pilot

A chapter in our lives has come to an end…new challenges await us, uncertain of the next step, yet confident of the future

Fourth Year Regular

It hurts to bid farewell to our classmates, mentor, and dear friends…Someday, somewhere, somehow, we’ll meet again


Fides 1984

FIDES…the Education High School annual, is the yesteryear’s epitome of every senior EHSians. It summarizes our four-year stay in this institution of learning, making it the totem of the entire EHS alumni.

FIDES, a Latin word for faith, mirrors the quintessence of the goal of the university – that is, to mold Christian leaders out of UST students. By merely understanding this fact, you can visualize a glimpse of its content. It contains the endeavors, activities, and success of EHS senior students during the time of their training to become Christian leaders. Also by examining its pages, you’ll encounter the graduates of batch ’84 under their identity as the contemporary juveniles. The descriptions are made in a hilarious way so as to preserve the hallmark memories of our high school life, and to prevent the reign of nostalgic moments. The different program of activities is also included inside to serve as reminiscing agents.


Fourth Year Pilot

“Along life’s road, I found a friend who brought me joys untold. A happiness to fill my heart more valuable than gold. A dream of bigger things to come, a friend, a faith, a smile. Along life’s road, I found them all to make my life worthwhile.”

Fourth Year Regular

“A chapter in our lives has come to an end… new challenges await us, uncertain of the next step, yet confident of the future. It hurts to bid farewell to our dear classmates, mentors, friends and acquaintances… Someday, somewhere, somehow, we’ll meet… again!”

Annual Scholars’ Allowance Program

An Initiative of EHS Batch 1984 in cooperation with the EHS Alumni Association and EHS Faculty and Administrators. The cycle of gratitude starts with you. 

Being Grateful

To show gratitude and motivate others to give back, and to keep our hearts open to our family and friends by giving thanks continuously

Keeping The Connection

Us keeping connected with one another and to our alma mater – faculty and students while moving forward through this gift called life

Helping The Youth

To help EHS students, the youth, to be motivated, and to realize that we care and also help them believe that they can succeed by helping others


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