Annual Scholars’ Allowance Program

An Initiative of EHS Batch 1984 in cooperation with the EHS Alumni Association and EHS Faculty and Administrators to develop a sustainable program that will promote worthwhile involvement among alumnus, and to connect the  Class of 1984 to the EHS alumni association, administration, faculty, and students.

Being Grateful

To show gratitude and motivate others to give back, and to keep our hearts open to our family and friends by giving thanks continuously

Keeping The Connection

Us keeping connected with one another and to our alma mater – faculty and students while moving forward through this gift called life

Helping The Youth

To help EHS students, the youth, to be motivated, and to realize that we care and also help them believe that they can succeed by helping others


To extend financial assistance to select EHS students by way of providing daily subsistence allowance computed as; P50.00 per day x 25 days per month x 10 months per year which totals to P12,500.00 per year. The allowance will be released directly to the student on a monthly basis. The number of scholars will depend on available funding for the program, coming from monetary pledges from the alumnus, donors, and sponsors.


1. Announcement.  All incoming Grade 8 students will be notified about the program through the Office of the Principal – through announcement posting on the bulletin board or actual announcement in the classroom. The announcement will contain information on how to go about applying for qualification to the program.

2. Application.  Students will have to fill out an online application form and as required, submit supporting documents (mostly to substantiate socio-economic status i.e., IDs, ITR, certificate of employment, barangay certification, etc.) within the prescribed period of application.

3. Qualifying Criteria.  Students will be selected based on the socio-economic status of the family, conduct mark, and grade standing.

4. Selection process.  The Qualifying and Selection Committee (QSC) will process all applications, consolidate scores of the qualified list of students, and endorse selected applicant for approval of the Co-chairs.

5. Notification to Selected Student/s.  The Co-Chairs will notify the student by correspondence, to be coursed through the EHS Admin, that he/she has been selected by the Batch to be its scholar (recipient of the scholar allowance). The letter will contain instructions on how the student will be able to receive the money on a monthly basis.

6. Notification to Class Adviser.  The Co-Chairs will also notify the Class Adviser by correspondence, to be coursed through the EHS Admin, that he/she has in class a scholar of the Batch. The letter would establish a channel of communication for purpose of monitoring/validating conduct and grade standing of the scholar.

7. Submission of Progress Report Cards.  Scholars will be required to share a copy of their report cards to the Co-Chairs and Treasurer for reference and checking if required grade standing (no grade lower than 85%) is being maintained by the scholar. Co-Chairs will validate and deliberate on any issue (on conduct mark and grade standing, among other considerations) that may disqualify the scholar from continuing to receive the allowance, and will be responsible to notify the scholar, parents, Class Adviser, and Treasurer accordingly.

8. Remittance of Allowance.  The Treasurer or designate will be responsible to remit the amount of scholar allowance to the student, through the Office of the Principal, on a monthly basis.


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